Saturday, December 4, 2010

Absurd "Promo '99 - Sonnenritter" CS

I was fortunate enough to come across this extremely rare tape for pretty cheap on eBay, and I think that with regard to the place we are in now in black metal it is very important to revisit the work of this band. Although their ideologies are both timeless and also outdated by today's standards, the music itself will always be timeless and is extremely relevant to what's been going on in black metal in the last 10 years and today. Absurd exemplifies hatred through aural means, the simple, straightforward message of the chords they select, the pounding march of the drums, and the passionate vocals tie together to make what is still the most hateful-sounding music of all time. Absurd proved that hate comes not from 270 bpm blast beats over pitch-adjusted grunts and palmed tremolos on strings down-tuned to B, but from simple messages and a true belief in what you do. If you were to ask any modern bm band today doing the minimalist/punk thing about what influences their music, you will be guaranteed to hear the name Absurd come up. Granted, Absurd is one of the best-known bm bands of all time and have influenced countless sub-genres within black metal, but the direct link between Absurd and the bands gaining steam today is undeniable. This is no revolutionary fact I am bringing up here, it's common knowledge that the mark of Absurd has returned in a major way, but for those out there who have not made the connection yet, it's never a bad time to reinvest in a classic, especially one that has so much relevance to today's music.

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