Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gaming Table for WH40k

(Click pic to enlarge)
I made this table out of layered sheets of polystyrene mounted onto plywood, each cut using a 1950s jigsaw my late grandpa gave me. The lava river, craters, and overall bumpy textures were dug out by spraying copious amounts of paint into puddles and allowing it to eat away at the polystyrene, dissolving the material. I used the jigsaw again to create the fault lines, this time only using the tip of the saw. A layer of "stone" textured spray paint went on first, and then I highlighted the fault lines with a lighter-colored "stone" textured spray. Craters were sprayed with a "crackle" black spray paint. Lava is scab red, and will be highlighted with some oranges and yellows later, as well as filling the ravine with water effects so it's not empty. The pillars are carved polystyrene with "stone" textured spray. The vegetation is fake plastic branches from Michael's. Next step is to add bridges and small outpost-like structures.

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