Sunday, December 5, 2010

Accersitus "In The Walls of Eryx" CS

It's no secret I'm a pretty big dork. But hey, it's never once interfered with getting hot chicks, so what the hell do I care? And being a big fucking dork, I inevitably fell into the Lovecraftian mythos. True, there is a black metal band named after every single Lord from The Book Of Fifty Names, and every single one of The Seven Gates and every symbol from The Book Of Calling and from The Book Of Entrance and every Zonei Seal have seen their way onto album covers, and the lore of the Magan, Maklu, and Urilia texts have been the basis of lyrics for countless bands for years. Accersitus show a bit more dedication, every song references obscure and not-obscure elements fromt the mythos, "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn" is stamped across the sparse insert ("Cthulhu waits, dreaming," roughly, you think they could have selected a more obscure phrase given the obscurity of some of their song titles), and the only two images present, other than a barely visible photo of the two (at the time) band member, are what I believe is the Seal of Tiamat and the Sigil of Pazuzu. This minimalist approaches only further draws you into the belief that this band takes the occult seriously, whether in reality it's a joke to them or not is irrelevant, because the use of such little imagery only further emphasizes the importance of what they choose to show. This is a very very personal tape. Mid-tempo ERUSBM, very primitive and straightforward, yet dark and evil, driven by 4/4 with some not-so-fast blasting and occasional drumming outside the spectrum of a primitve bm band, heavy reverb on vocals, sloppy, sometimes mildy slow tremolo sections like a slower and sloppier Ildjarn+Nidhogg collab, actually overall in many ways it's like a slower Ildjarn, but then again what isn't a variation of Ildjarn in usbm today anyway? It's not really a good idea to say that Accersitus is for Ildjarn fans, it is still quite quite different, don't put too much weight on my comparison to the Ildjarn+Nidhogg collab, for the majority of this tape it's quite different. Anyway, back to the personalness of this tape, for one thing the insert is photocopied on cheap computer paper, although well put together/laid out, and the insert is nice and "long," 5 tape-widths + the back tab, one-sided, but hardly cluttered. I like a tape that feels like it was made by a pair of dudes in their bedroom, and while this is more often the case than not, it doesn't always shine through, but this tape def takes you there. Actually fairly melodic for primitive erbm, some thought went into the songwriting, it unfortunately slides into some heavy riff-oriented parts which don't always line up properly, but all is forgiven when you take into account the overall mood of this tape. Cheap ass synth intro/outro fits OK, def the most technical aspect of the tape, could have done without it to help boost the on-the-fence degree of primitiveness. Recommended.

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