Saturday, December 4, 2010

Kuxan Suum "Kinich Ahau" CS

Kuxan Suum is a rather mysterious, "elite" part of the Black Twilight Circle. I don't know which band(s) in the BTC share member(s) with this band, but if I had to guess I would say Arizmenda because they sound the most similar. Kuxan Suum sounds like a spacier version of Arizmenda, with less emphasis on having a driving rhythm section throughout and more emphasis on creating sweeping aural landscapes punctuated by a more standard Depressive Black Metal form, and Kuxan Suum's melodies use much longer notes than Arizmenda. I should avoid writing this whole post as a "Kuxan Suum is Arizmenda with ____ and without _____" because I do not even have evidence the two come from the same musician, but I would put my money on a bet that they are. The whole BTC is all inbred anyway. In the land of Depressive Black Metal, a sub-genre so oversaturated and so full of shitty bands, Kuxan Suum stand out in many ways. I don't particularly like bands of this genre, and they're really a dime a dozen, but I did like this tape. The drums have a certain brutal quality which is often lost in most depressive bm bands. The tape has a long intro, which I consider to be just as much the meat and bones of the tape as when the drums kick in and start blasting through, and the intro is absolutely spilling with delay. If you get pissed off by excessive delay use, you'll probably hate this tape. Long, ultra-reverbed pained screams scatter across the melancholic-yet-not-harsh soundscape, this tape brings a little but of new light onto the atmospheres possible within depressive bm, it has a bit of that Volahn-esque sort of classical Spanishy-sounding melodies, but again with delays all across it, so it could potentially be a turn off to certain ears. Of the BTC it's not my favorite project, I think I prefer Arizmenda for my BTC Depressive Black Metal needs, and it's certainly not as good as Volahn, but if you like BTC bands you'll like this.

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