Sunday, December 5, 2010

Entre Vifs "Heavy Duty" cs 1989

Heavy duty is right! This is the kind of tape that you really want to blow your eardrums out to. It sounds incredibly heavy on the scrap and power tools, but I believe they use much more electronics than one might think to replicate the scrap sound. There is so much movement and such a wide variety of assaulting, crashing noises coming at you in rapid succession it's almost dizzying. It must have taken forever to make this nearly-hour long tape. Amazing, one hour and I don't think they recycle a single sound. As for harshness, this is up there, I like a HN album that can makes your ears bleed without resorting to super high-pitched screeches. A lot of source sounds come through, which give it a good concrete grounding. Not really a dark HN, but def a powerful one. This tape is pure fucking power. Take a jackhammer to your forehead and thats what listening to this tape feels like, and I mean that kinda literally as many many of the sounds on here are rapid-fire machine gun blasts of a repeated sound, of course for only a couple seconds and then it's on to the next wacky sound. Highly recommended.

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