Saturday, December 4, 2010

Rotten "Thrash n' Roll" 7"

Mexican thrash punk, what's not to love! I wanted to post a few great non-Black Thrash records before really diving into writing about the 8 million black thrash bands I want to write about. Thrash has become a bit of a confliction for me, given it's really a drinking man's genre and now that drinking has given me cirrhosis (which in turn gave me an extremely rare variation of a somewhat uncommon form of hepatitis) I can no longer be a drinking man. Just pop dope. Does dope work with thrash? Hell yeah, fuck you it works with anything! So when it comes to thrash I've found black thrash to be my niche, but, primarily due to extremely low prices because it's not exactly in style right now, I've accumulated a mass amount of non-black thrash, and this is the difference between the two for me: black thrash is about the violence and the morbidity of violence, while non-black thrash and thrash-punk is about the violence and the fun of the violence. Rotten def bring the fun. The lyrics from the third song on the record sum this band up pretty well: "Killer guitars, killer vomits / Necropounding are blasting the empire of man / Give me another beer, give another lick / Alkoholik Rites, c'mon bitch suck my dick." Awesome. Riffs are super trashy, plenty of slimy melodies and finger twisting, super fast and pissed-off, this would be a great soundtrack for riding your rusty hog across a desert highway at 120 mph. It also feels rarer and rarer to find a non-post-apoc throwback thrash punk band, so that's another plus for the band, but who can deny the fun of the post-apoc bands? This band is all about the elitism and anger towards outiders, but they do it in a pretty funny way (this might be in part because English is clearly not their first language), and their seriousness of it makes it both even more funny and even slimier. A great thrash record needs great energy, killer riffs, and bucketloads of filthy attitude, it's all here.

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