Sunday, December 12, 2010

Two of My Earliest Builds, From When I Was a Lad

The larger one is one of my first oscillators I made way back when. The smaller one (another early build for me) was made from a BOSS DS-1 PCB; a punk band had been at my house about 4 years ago and left their pedal there, and I couldn't get in touch with them, so I bent it into what is essentially an oscillator with toggles between three waveforms. Wow, haven't done bending in ages. Anyway, I start the video with just the one, then run the second through the first (it came up a little quiet on the camera's crappy mic), then run that chain through part of my setup (not on cam). By the way the sounds around 2:30 are me smacking my setup with my hand, something was not properly grounded and it was responding to it.

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